Hey, my name is Cat. I am a Flemish woman with a natural D-Cup and an insatiable sex hunger! How others describe me: Sympathetic, Extrovert, pleasure maker, butter horny. I see myself as empathic, sex-lover and very experienced with elderly, ill people and people who needs care.Text me directly for info that you don't find on my profile. No sex chat or days of drivel. When you call you will be forwarded to the general number.



At your place:   Yes

On Hotel:   Yes

Love-hotel:   Yes

Cardate (in your car):   Yes

Truckdate:   Yes

Boat / Ship:   Yes

Outdoor date:   Yes

Sauna:   Yes, guidance

Wellness:   Yes

Inland travel:   No

Travelling abroad:   No


About you:


Male:   Yes

Female:   Yes


Age between:   20 - 99

Visually limited:   Yes

Auditory limited:   Yes

Physically limited:   Yes




Body to body:   Yes

Relaxing massage:   Yes

Stimulating massage:   Yes

Massage and handjob:   Yes

Massage and blowjob:   Yes

Prostate massage:   Yes




Kissing:   Yes

French kissing:   Yes

Nipple Suction:   Yes

Fingering:   Yes

Anal fingering:   No

Cunnilingus:   Yes

You rimming me:   No

I rimming you:   Yes, 30€ extra

Blowjob with condom:   No

Blowjob without condom:   Yes

Blowjob deepthroat:   Yes

Cumshot in my mouth:   Yes, 30€ extra

Cum Swallow:   Yes, 30€ extra

Cumshot on my body:   Yes

Cumshot on my face:   Yes

69:   Yes

Face-sitting:   Yes

Dildo / Toys:   Yes

Strapon:   No

You fisting me:   No

I fisting you:   No

Pee-sex over me:   Yes, 30€ extra

Pee-sex over you:   Yes

Roleplay:   No

Foot fetish:   Yes

Spanking:   No




Between my breasts:   Yes

Between my buttocks:   Yes

Anal:   No

Intimate with condom:   Yes

Intimate bareback:   Yes, 100€ extra

Cumshots in me:   Yes, 50€ extra

Cumshot on my body:   Yes

Cumshot on my face:   Yes

Multiple orgasms possible?:   Yes

Own orgasm possible?:   Yes

Squirting:   No


One more:


Threesome myself + M & M:   Yes, 150€ extra

Threesome myself + M & V:   Yes, 150€ extra

Threesome myself + M & X

Threesome myself + V & X

Double Penetration:   No

Gangbang:   No




Bondage mistress:   Yes

Bondage slave:   No

SM mistress soft:   Yes

SM mistress hard:   No

SM slave soft:   No

SM slave hard:   No




Photo / film:   No

Min. duration:   30’ - 45’ - 60'

Sex chatting:   No

Video chat:   No

Striptease:   No

Dinner date:   No

Overnight stay:   Yes